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Our Foster Failure!



We took a chance, a BIG chance! The mister had a friend who knew of a dog in a precarious situation. It was NOT GOOD where this dog was, he was fed and watered and that was about it, except he did live inside. She told us he was a great dog that needed a leg up, he got no attention, his owner worked and got the dog for his kids as he was getting a D I V O R C E and this dog was to keep his soon to be EX-WIFE happy????? WTH , yes i said that once or twice.  So the mister got it in his head to FOSTER, I said YES, cause he was close to a nervous breakdown over losing our beloved Labrador Retriever of 13 year Spencer, and so the story goes.

Well, we had little to none exposure to STANDARD POODLES so I said ok, but we are not keeping him, I’m not having a dog that has to be groomed!! The mister went and retrieved him, even told the previous owner, that he needed to aunty up for neutering and grooming, which he obliged (unbelievable to ME!) and BOOM we had a FOSTER DOG.

Enter Baxter, now Barack O’Dogma!  He is very coolio!  He is nine months old, and a Chocolate Standard Poodle!  He makes the mister smile and laugh, and Rusty and Guinn like him!  So once that was settled and he was neutered and groomed, the question became, when are you going to put him out in the universe for availability?? HUH, WHEN? Well the reply was, i just need a little time to enjoy him? OK, your time is up!!! You need to do this, he is HIGHLY adoptable, I even had people who wanted to meet him.

EPIC FAIL, I hate to use that phraseology, but it fits!  We now have a Barack O’Dogma and he is staying, and I was informed this morning “It’s TIME to start looking for a Lab puppy” WTH, yes i said it again today!!  We cant have that many dogs it puts us over our legal limit!  We have a neighbor to the East, and she is wicked, she will turn us in I informed the mister!  Oh she’ll be fine, she won’t even know……. did you just say that, i thought to myself????

We have a quandary to get straightened out!  Who is gonna get a second job to buy dog food?? Who is gonna pay vet bills??  Who is gonna walk, play and keep that many dogs entertained?? Who, who, who i wonder? 



It’s Tuesday & That Means I Made it THRU Monday!

  1. Image
  • Yes that is a squirrel I can’t tell you what he’s really doing…….. I think he is happy to be alive and Thanking Baby Jesus he made It thru Monday
  • I know I’m happy I made it thru Monday with NO BIG incidents!
  • No Big incidents may mean we are on to something, like getting back into the creative game of well CREATING STUFF
  • What kind of stuff?  I might make a artsy farts-y thing a ma jig to donate to a local art show for Art Unleashed a show benefiting The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City but that would require knuckling down.  It has to be submitted by FRIDAY AUGUST 10th. YIKES
  • Guess I better go now