What the H E Double Hockey Sticks is going on!!!!



I can guarantee one thing or maybe two or three, things are always gonna change! I’ve had the unsettling opportunity of finding this out first hand the last few weeks.  Hence not many posts in this blog, insert a sad face here!

Just when things seemed to be humming along quite fine & I was ready to start being creative and make some new artsy stuff   BOOM  You never see it, you don’t expect it, it just happens. The thing I’m writing of is death. In all its finality, ugliness, and ever painful reality It came knocking, and my friends husband answered. Yip, one of my longtime, dearest, special girlfriends husband went and he did it right in front of our eyes. I’m not trying to be morbid or disrespectful I need you, my friends, to keep reading this blog its helpful to me! It was just a shock to each of us in a very intimate way and now we have to pick up and keep going!

Its been a little over a week and a half, we have sent him out in HIGH STYLE! Just as I knew my friend would do! We have cried, cussed, laughed, have been so exhausted, and tried to do everything right. Well my friends that is never quite possible, something always goes nutty, or veers off into the no mans land when a death occurs around me??? Is it me, or is it big families, is it UN-preparedness, Is it, Is it, Is it? There are a lot of  “what the hells” going on in my head, I can tell you that for certain. To make it even worse in my hood we not only lost this man, but a lot of death has been around me lately!  Since we lost our Spencer dog its been about 6 people, another friends dog and NOW my MISTERS big brother! O HECK, this really sucks!!!

Well like I said we are keeping moving! If that guy with the hood stops by one more time WE AREN’T HOME!!  We have had enough, like I said in a previous post, We are Irish, We are Strong, We love hard, Hold our friends & family close in our hearts, We send them off with Great Tradition as the Hayes family knows all to well how to do!

This post is in honor of my dearest friend Reynaldo Salinas & my brother-in-law James David Hayes


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