Raging River/NO bull


Last night I had the unfortunate issue of no food in the house and a monsoon to deal with! I know that sounds nutty, but its true! We didn’t do much food shopping this last week and when I discovered we were about to starve the monsoon started and I couldn’t get out my front door! I got a little nervous and that made my faithful co-pilot Rusty suspicious and it just snowballed from there. Rusty and I had to wait a whole hour before we could get in the car to go to the 103rd street Pr*** Ch*****, we have a precarious  gutter issue at our front door, which, when it rains hard creates the most enchanting waterfall effect! You DO NOT want to try to walk thru said waterfall is all I’m saying! So we waited for an hour for the coast to clear so we could get to our car parked a good 10 ft away from the front door.

When we finally were in the car and driving we discovered the creek at 103rd street was CRAZY, It had Dangerously risen and was glorious at the same time! So I quickly did the food & wine shopping, and called the mister to come take a look SEE!  The KCMO Fire Department was perusing the area as well as KCP&L and MO GAS ENERGY so that is a prime indicator that you should go take a gander! We went over by a kinda famous Italian food eatery and MY Gosh all kinds of stuff was floating down the creek/river and KC Parks Dept was there watching, I guess in case the picnic tables floated away, I don’t think the guy in the green Parks truck was even awake? Then we drove back over to Wornall and the creek had left its banks on the east side and the Mister informed me he once saved a family of Ground Squirrels from a peril-is death! I guess the Mister had a friend who had a veggie/flower plant business on 103rd and when above referenced creek left the banks and flooded in the 90’s the Mister helped load a truck to try to save what they could and these Ground Squirrels went floating by on a plastic plant tray! YIKES! My Mister saved them from their fate and I’m sure they lived happily ever after, or they did what I would have done, cussed, then kissed the ground, then had a strong drink! We went home after this story and ate sandwich’s and I drank the cheap wine I bought and watched T.V. It was a fun night had by us.


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