Monthly Archives: April 2012

Hello world!


Today is a good day! Now more than ever I realize that the world can change and be GOOD at the same time! Some changes over the past year and a half have been painful learning exchanges and I sometimes wondered if the world could be as happy as it once was! Then I had the *AHA* moment, CHANGE your life into something you like and can roll with! So I did.

I am very poor & rich at the same time! I had three years of owning a business that made money but didn’t make me very happy! Now I have what I call a transition job that pays the bills and I kinda like it!  BUT, the most important thing IS I have so much more time for MY FAMILY & FRIENDS!

My family consists of  three dogs #1 dog Specer3, #2 dog Rusty Tapia/Hayes #3 dog Guinness (someday I’ll post about the names and how they all came into my life), the mister my husband he’s a handful, Mom & Pops, brother, and lots of nieces and nephews and sister-in-laws and brothers-in-laws, 2 swishy goldfish Jesus and Jones (I’ll tell you about them later too!)  but also many friends who are JUST like family and so they are FAMILY, PLAIN and SIMPLE. It’s a big ball of confusion most of the time and that’s how I like it!

I try to just roll thru each day and have as much fun as I can, I like to say swear words a LOT it helps with stress for me, my MOM is not proud of this character flaw I have! I take each moment as it shows up and get thru as happy as I can although that doesn’t always work out, but OH WELL.  I try to spend time with my girlfriends and drink a lot of cheap swill (swill is a word for booze which is a word for an alcoholic beverage), and most important love up my dogs and goldfish and the mister not in that order always, but it gets DONE! Then a priority for me is at least one night a week with my parentals!  THAT my friends is my life in a nutshell, emphasis on NUT!

I should also warn you that  I’m a terrible speller thank you Jesus(not my goldfish) for spellchecker, have horrible grammatical errors, and am a tiny bit dyslexic especially numerically which in turn causes all kinds of issues since my new job deals with a sh#t ton of numbers (another story for later)!

So now you kinda get the gist. PEACE Out!


*AHA* thanks Oprah it  makes sense now!